For solidarity

Listen to the calls for solidarity from the society of nowadays and respond to them generously. “We need to grow in a solidarity that should enable all peoples to become themselves the architects of their own destiny” (EG 190).

  • Promote the collaboration of the Sa-Fa Volunteers in those mission places where it is needed.

  • Develop inter-congregational solidarity and attention to the most needy. To live our “Charism in going out” towards the existential peripheries, towards the new places and cultures where we are present.

  • Promote in the apostolic works an awareness of realities of poverty or need through activities, meetings, twinning and gestures of solidarity.

To “commit ourselves to the “prophecy of solidarity” by paying particular attention to situations of poverty that go beyond our school environments to reach situations of vulnerability: children and young people out of school, abandoned people and other situations of risk (Pr. Educativo, 2011)”.

These calls are made concrete by these means, with among others:

  • Volunteer Associations such as the Centre for Missionary Animation (CAM) in Italy or Carumanda in Spain.
  • Organisation of work camps in countries such as Burkina Faso, Ecuador or India.
  • With an awareness-raising program in Schools, which includes various activities aimed at raising funds to support solidarity projects.
  • Participation in the Church’s own aid campaigns in different countries.
  • Twinning programs between Schools.
  • A “Promotion of International Volunteering” program has been set up.

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