The Brothers in the world

The Brothers of the Holy Family are present in different countries. Our educational and pastoral mission, family spirit and Nazarene spirituality are good news for all cultures. At present the Congregation is present in France, Uruguay, Italy, Argentina, Spain, Burkina Faso, Brazil, Ecuador, Ivory Coast, Mexico, Philippines, India, Colombia, Benin, Indonesia, East Timor, Ghana and Angola.

The Brothers, houses  and Provinces of the Institute although dispersed throughout the world, form only one family” (C. 217).

All the houses of the Institute form a single family dispersed for the service of God, but united in the bond of charity, by a same spirit  and a same spirituality and an identical mission of the Institute. The group of houses, united under the authority of a same superior, in a part immediate of the Institute, which, lawfully established, is called Province” (C 187).

Throughout its history, the Institute has adapted its canonical and geographical distribution to the circumstances of the times. As of 1 November 2022, the Institute is organised in the following Provinces

General Administration: The Communities of Rome and Angola report directly to the General Administration.

Province Our Lady of Loreto – Saint Anne: France, Italy, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Benin and Ghana.

Province of Our Lady of Hope: Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil.

Province of Our Lady of the Assumption: Spain, Ecuador, Mexico, India and Colombia.

Vice Province of St Joseph the Worker: Philippines, Indonesia and East Timor.