We can accompany you

The path of response to the call to be a Brother cannot be travelled alone. It requires a journey of prayer and reflection that we call discernment.

Discernment is meant to help you discover your true vocation, whether you are really called to be a Brother of the Holy Family or not; it will help you distinguish whether your vocation is true or false. It will provide you with what you need to verify your own motivations to know whether or not they are valid for religious life. Different people, mainly your formators, will provide you with all the appropriate means for this.

At the same time, the congregation will get to know you and test you to discern whether you can be admitted as a new member of the congregation. The discernment is twofold: the candidate discerns his motivations and the Brothers discern whether the candidate is fit for religious life. The result of this double discernment is the application by the candidate and the response of the institution accepting or rejecting him or her.

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