Our mission: Education

“The Brothers devote themselves chiefly to Christian education… They direct the values of culture towards the announcement of Salvation, in order to help their students bring about in themselves a living unity between culture and faith.” (C 124).

“The Sa-Fa Family Centres are centres of the Catholic Church, committed to faith formation in dialogue with culture, with other religions and worldviews and in constant service to the Church and to all people, regardless of class, race, gender or religion.

The Institute of the Brothers of the Holy Family assumes, by virtue of the mission entrusted to it by the Church, the obligation to safeguard in the establishments of the Sa-Fa Family the Catholic identity in accordance with the Gospel, the teachings of the Church and the charism of Brother Gabriel Taborin as expressed in the Educational Project of the Institute and in the orientations of the Chapters. This responsibility is assumed in each country by the Provincial Council or by the Teams, Councils or persons to whom the Provincial Council delegates this responsibility. (Schools Sa-Fa or the World, 1)

The mission of Holy Family School is twofold:

  • As an educational centre it participates in human and social promotion.
  • Because of its Christian character, it is an area of dialogue between faith and culture.