Sa-Fa Vocation Team


The Sa-Fa Vocation Team is made up of a group of Brothers who are vocation promoters, and its fundamental objective is to promote vocation promotion and the vocation to the Brothers of the Holy Family throughout the Institute. For this purpose, its mission will consist of:

  1. Reflecting on vocational animation and elaborating strategies and proposals for the whole Sa-Fa Family.
  2. Coordinating the efforts done in the different parts of the Institute.
  3. To promote the link between vocation promotion, formation and mission.
  4. To motivate and prepare other Brothers who can develop vocational animation in the future.


  • The members of the Team are appointed by the General Council from among the vocation animators who are convinced that by working together they can generate new vocational dynamics.

  • The Team is coordinated by a Brother appointed by the General Council.

  • They form a propositive and motivating group that promotes the culture of vocation from their awareness of being vocational means of animation and “influencers”.


  • The vocation animators feel that they are the main instruments of work and personal contact is the most important resource for the vocational mission.
  • The Team will prepare a proposal for a plan of action that will be approved by the General Council.
  • They will devote to their work the time necessary to carry out the approved plan.
  • They will request the material resources they consider necessary to carry out the plan.


  • An important feature of the Team is networking.
  • Their work should seek the involvement of other Brothers and members of the Sa-Fa Family.
  • It acts with a criterion of subsidiarity regarding the different responsibilities and vocation teams of the Provinces and Delegations.
  • The way of working must be eminently experiential and practical.
  • Working like a “workshop”, they will share, support and promote experiences of vocational promotion that are bearing fruit in the Institute or in other Entities, they will try to find innovative proposals that impact and attract, they will prepare materials, etc.
  • The usual way of carrying out their work will be by videoconference, each one from his place of mission.