The Charism

The Charism of the Congregation is a gift of the Holy Spirit given in origin to Brother Gabriel Taborin which is prolonged through time. It is expressed in four elements:


Its members are Religious who, responding to the Father’s call, and moved by the Holy Spirit, consecrate their lives to God in the Church according to the charism of the Institute. The members of the Institute are all Brothers and use this name. (C 2 y 4).


  • The Holy Family gives its name to the Institute and inspires the spirituality of the Brothers.

  • The life of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, forming a family, will always be their reference point.

  • The Brothers learn to meditate and to live the Gospel in the light of the mystery of Nazareth; there, Jesus began to accomplish what he would preach later. This Nazarene spirituality will motivate their whole lives (C. 5 – 8).


  • The Brothers contribute to carry out the plan of salvation through the characteristic spirit of the Institute, which is the family spirit. This spirit comes from the vital bonds that united the members of the Holy Family and whose source is the Holy Trinity.

  • The family spirit, vital core of the spirituality of the Brothers, motivates the relationships among them… It marks their style of action, guides them in their mission among men, characterizes their educational work and strengthens the bonds of human solidarity wherever they are sent (C. 11 y 14).


  • The Institute of the Brothers of the Holy Family participates in the mission of the Church in order to build up the Kingdom of God in the world.

  • They participate in its pastoral work mainly by means of Christian education, catechesis and liturgical animation. According to the Founder’s desire, the Institute remains available for the apostolic tasks that needs of the time and place could demand (C 15 y 16).