Cause of Beatification

The Cause for the Beatification and Canonisation of Brother Gabriel began in 1956, and the first stages were rapidly developed so that in 1959, it was already introduced in Rome. The decree recognising his holy life (“heroic virtues”), which gives him the title of “Venerable” and allows for a private invocation, has dated since 1991.

LThe Church continues to ask for a special intervention of God, called a miracle, in order to proceed to beatification (or the granting of a limited cult with the title of “Blessed”). A miracle is always a marvellous moment, which goes beyond human comprehension, arouses healthy admiration and stimulates us to live the Christian faith better.

The Church body in charge of these matters (Congregation for the Causes of Saints) approves supposedly miraculous cases after a thorough analysis.

And these cases are often healings. As such, a healing case has to be sufficiently proven by the testimonies not only of the person who has benefited from it, invoking Brother Gabriel, and of the people around him, but also those of the doctors who confirm the fact as inexplicable for science in its present state of knowledge. Only the case of martyrdom is the proof of a miracle exempted from such steps.

Thus, for the process of Beatification of Venerable Brother Gabriel to go forward, the presentation, first in the diocese where it happens and then in Rome, of at least one miraculous case with the corresponding documentation (if it is a cure it must be complete, definitive and not explainable from a medical point of view) together with a list of other graces and favours obtained through his intercession is required. On several occasions, cases have been presented which appeared to be miraculous, but none of them have been validated so far.

Prayers are being said from many places for people who have recourse to Brother Gabriel’s intercession. Prayers are said by members of the Sa-Fa Family, Communities of Brothers and Nazarene Fraternities and by all those who feel in some way linked to the spirituality and mission that has its origin in Brother Gabriel. Let us not forget that the prayer of the children is important

There is already a list of graces and favours received but it needs to be increased. (Orientation n° 2 of the General Chapter of 2019). That is why, it is important to send the testimonies of all that is obtained through the intercession of Brother Gabriel, even if it seems insignificant to us. Anything goes.

ut we are waiting for a special event that can be presented to the Church as miraculous. One day it will happen, but when? The answer also depends on us.


God our Father,
who has raised up in the Church
the Venerable Brother Gabriel Taborin
to promote Christian education, catechesis and liturgical animation,
grant that, sharing his charism,
we may know how to carry out our mission today
for the good of the family and of society with the strength of your Spirit.

And if it is your will,
grant that he may be numbered among the saints,
granting us through his intercession the grace we need…
(mention the names of the persons for whom you wish to pray)
We ask you this with insistence through Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

A call

hose who have received any grace or favour through the intercession of Venerable Brother Gabriel are requested to communicate them to the following address:

Postulator of the Cause
Viale Aurelio Saffi, 24
00152 Roma. ITALIA

Economic contributions to the cause

For those who wish to contribute to the expenses of the Cause of Beatification of Brother Gabriel Taborin, the following Bank account is available
IBAN: Va37001000000048479001
Causa Beatificazione Taborin Gabriele

Postulator of the Cause: Brother Enzo Biemmi

Animator of the Cause in the Institute: Brother Emmanuel Zongo

Those responsible for the animation of the Cause in the Provinces

Province of Na. Province of Our Lady of Loreto – Saint-Anne: Brother Carlo Ivaldi
Province of Na. Sra. de la Esperanza Province: Brother Fernando León
Province of Na. Sra. de la Asunción Province: Brother Juan José del Cura
Delegation of India: Brother Sagar
Vice-Provincia Saint Joseph the Worker: Brother Alfridon Nahak Bria.