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Sa-Fa Family

The “Sa-Fa Family” is formed by the Institute of the Brothers of the Holy Family and the people and associations that share their spirituality and mission in the different levels of involvement and commitment (XXXVI General Chapter, Guideline no. 7).

Spirituality Handbook

He links which brings us together in Jesus, Mary and Joseph

Inspired by the life and the writings of Bro. Gabriel Taborin, and in continuity with its history, the Institute of the Brothers of the Holy Family has presented the Holy Family as the inspiration of the life style of the Brothers and, to anyone willing to share in their spirituality and in their mission, the life of Jesus, Mary and Joseph will remain their point of reference … “This Nazarene and Taborinian spirituality will animate their whole existence” (Constitutions 7).

Forrmation Guide

Formation is an essential theme in consecrated life. Our Institute must give primary value to vocation animation and formation because our future depends on new vocations and on the formation of the Brothers (Cf. C 153).

Life plan Association Fraternities of Nazareth

The call to live in fraternity you’ve seen in your life also resonates in everyone. Come to life as a call to live with others, be received into the family of the baptized means entering into communion of faith and love with a multitude of brothers. Joining the Nazarene Brotherhood intensifies and extends the call to live in brotherhood.

Lay people under the same roof of Nazareth

This document is addressed to all lay men and women who are in contact with the Brothers of the Holy Family, whether as leaders, collaborators or recipients of SaFa educational works in various parts of the world, or as people who share their spirituality.

Sa-Fa Schools for the World

En In the Sa-Fa Schools,
from our charismatic intuitions
and as Sa-Fa Family,
we care for people,
we count on families
and we propose a quality school
which educates for a civilisation of universal fraternity
and care for the “common home”.