Mission team

  • The Mission Team of the Sa-Fa Family has as its purpose to foster charismatic fidelity to the mission (pastoral and educational) and to promote the work in (Rev. Mission. 4).
  • It is made up of 3 Brothers and/or Lay people who, as far as possible, represent all the Provinces and is coordinated by the person in charge of mission in the Institute.


  1. Encouraging charismatic fidelity to mission.
  • To cultivate the knowledge and the implementation of the documents published by the Holy See in the field of youth and family ministry and the educational mission.
    To update, make known and develop the documents of the Congregation: Mission of the Institute, Educational Project, Sa-Fa Schools for the world…
    To help those in charge of the Provinces and countries to reflect on the initiatives and to give orientations on the implementation of the processes and projects of the Institute in the field of the Mission. (From the Chapter and the Keys of Revitalisation)

2. Developing networking in the Sa-Fa Family

    • To strengthen the relationship between the different mission teams of the Provinces and/or countries, articulating the different initiatives and actions in order to maximise their impact and effects (Coordination of slogans, themes, etc.).
    • Sharing of educational and pastoral materials between Provinces (Chap. Gral. Mission obr. 6.c),
    • Anticipate and analyse formation needs, promote the elaboration of materials and propose courses mainly through the Institute’s platform.
    • Establish elements or moments of contact with the programming of the Institute’s Vocations Team and promote vocational orientation in mission activities.