Graces and favors

I would like to tell you something about Brother Gabriel Taborin.

In February 2020 a distant relative of mine, Juan Millanes, had a very serious stroke. He underwent emergency surgery at the Ramon y Cajal Hospital in Madrid. The next day he developed a thrombus which left him paralysed on the left side of his body (leg and arm) as well as his speech and comprehension. The doctors gave us no hope of recovery and, when we consulted a family doctor, he told us that he would most probably die.

After several months in hospital, he was transferred to the San José clinic in Carabanchel, where he improved somewhat.

At present he is still at home with rehabilitation, but living an almost normal life, as he has recovered almost all his mobility and understanding. She has some difficulty in expressing herself, but participates in all the chores at home and in the care of her daughters (she has two).

I can testify that practically every day (I must have missed some) I prayed to Brother Gabriel for his healing by saying the prayer “Lord, you who filled Brother Gabriel’s heart…”. I believe that Brother Gabriel has intervened in this improvement and will continue to do so. I ask him to do so.

Mariano Mansilla. Madrid

Italy, 2021: “Nicla breathes!”

On Friday 6 August 2021, in the company of Nicla, my niece, and of her mother and her father, Marco, and of Paolo, Nicla’s brother, and of Marisa Beccaria, Head of the Missionary Animation Centre (MAC) of the Brothers of the Holy Family, and myself, we went to Belley to give thanks to Brother Gabriel, whose intercession had been requested that night when my niece, Nicla Bonardi, was about to receive two new lungs.

In mid-July 2010, Nicla, aged 22, suffering from cystic fibrosis since birth, was admitted to hospital in a condition deemed extremely serious. The following days, due to a lung collapse, she was placed under extracorporeal circulation (ECMO) and put on the national emergency waiting list to receive a lung transplant.

On the night of July 28, she underwent a long transplant operation led by the team of Professor Saint Ambrose at the Policlinic in Milan. In addition to this extremely serious situation, Nicla was invaded by the bacterium (Burkholderia -cepacia), resistant to any antibiotic.

At the end of the operation, the only words of Professor Mario Nosotti, a member of the team, were “Nicla is breathing!”.

Daniela, Nicla’s mother, states verbatim : “Four days after the transplant and intensive care, Nicla was disconnected from the ECMO and the ventilator, Nicla was brought to the hospital ward. In front of the ward door, there was Professor Nosotti and me. When she passed by, I looked at Professor Nosotti and I said to him: “You can see, Professor, you have done a miracle”. He looked at me and said: “No, Madam, we didn’t do any miracle with Nicla. Many people must have prayed”. And I said to him: “Yes, that’s true, because we have so many people who love Nicla”.

And from that moment on, Nicla’s recovery was progressive and constant, with the surprise of the definitive disappearance of the bacterium “cepacia”, which was inexplicable even for the doctors. I would like to point out that, until nowadays, the presence of this bacterium makes life expectancy almost nil, the patient losing the possibility of a transplant.

This year, at the invitation of her parents, Ugo Bonardi and Castellini Daniela, I was able to celebrate with Nicla’s family, the 11th year of her rebirth and thank the Lord for the grace received through the intercession of his servant, Brother Gabriel Taborin, whom we had intensely invoked at the time of the operation and afterwards.

                                                                                               Brother Giacomo Bonardi FSF


From Spain

After losing my father on 2 June 2020, although not to COVID, these are painful moments that you don’t want to relive again. I will never forget that the day before he passed away I was only able to spend 5 minutes with him because of COVID regulations, even though he did not have it.

For my sister and me, the biggest concern is my mother’s wellbeing, so since 11 January my parents have been living with my sister. My mother suffers from parkinsonism in a very advanced stage. But the moment came when we didn’t want to: we recognised that between the two of us we couldn’t give her the quality of life she needed and we had to ask for a place in the Santa Teresa de Jornet Residence, where she was admitted on 30 August.

The month of December was very hard, and it was time to ask for prayers from the community. Both my sister and I prayed for our mother’s health through Brother Gabriel Taborin. The community of Brothers in Burgos joined in this prayer.
What has happened to my mother is an inexplicable event, because the doctors made it very difficult for us. She has recovered, but the COVID-19 has caused her to lose a lot, that is to say, her illness has progressed much further than expected. But the important thing is that she is with us.

I thank God for the presence of my mother, and even more so after what she has been through.
Bro. Emilio Gutiérrez
Burgos, 13th March 2021