Vice-Province St Joseph the Worker

Opening ways

The opening of the Institute to Asia starts being developed from a resolution approved by the General Chapter held at Villa Brea in 1995. In it, it was expressed the desire to offer the charism of the Congregation to other areas of the Earth where it was not yet present. We were thinking on the Asian continent.

In 1997 the Brothers of the Holy Family of Belly and the Brothers of the Holy Family of Vietnam formed a Federation “Sainte-Famille”. Fruit of the collaboration between both Institutes was the foundation of the Philippines.

The Communities of the Philippines

The first trip of exploration to the Philippines was done by Brothers Lino Da Campo and Carlo Ivaldi in 2000. The city chosen to establish the new Community was Davao-Lasang in the island of Mindanao, the most southern island of the biggest island in the Filipino archipelago. In 2000 the first Community arrived, formed by Brothers Davide Del Barba, Andrés Galindo and two Brothers from Vietnam.

In 2001 it was created the “Gabriel Taborin Technical School”, a school of vocational training, with higher studies to serve the youth of the area. In 2002 the Federation between the two Congregations was dissolved, and the Community was only formed by the Brothers of the Holy Family of Belley. Some steps were taken in the strengthening of the vocation promotion and it was created the Nazareth Centre for the formation of the candidates to Brothers of the Holy Family.

An important moment was the inauguration in October 2008 of a new building of the School with better premises for the education. In 2006, a house in Davao is rented and in 2009 it is inaugurated the Formation House of Buhaim to welcome a group of young men in formation and the formation of the young Brothers.

The foundation of Indonesia

The foundation of Indonesia was boosted by the General Council. On 25 december 2009 Brothers Juan Andrés Martos and Andrés Galindo did the first trip of exploration in view of a possible foundation of a Community in the island of Flores. Beginning of March 2011, Brothers Andrés Galindo and Santiago Barrionuevo reached Maumere and they stayed in the Community of the Divine Word of the Seminary of St Paul in Ledalero.

Soon, the vocation promotion was started with the aim of beginning the new course with some formees. In August the tasks of formation started in a rented house: “Biara Nazaret”. In February 2012, the house acquires an international character, since a group of young men from Timor-Leste joined the Indonesian formees. Besides in 2014 two formees from the Philippines join the formation house.

In July 2013, the Community is moved to the new Formation House in Nitakloang; 11 young start the Novitiate, inaugurating thus the Novitiate of the Brothers of the Holy Family in Indonesia.

In August 2020 the first mission communities open in Nanga Tayap (Borneo Island) and Ndona (Flores Island). In 2021 a new community in Balai Berkuak (Borneo Island) and in 2022 in Noehaen (Indonesian Timor).

The opening in East Timor

The Brothers in Indonesia paid some visits to Timor-Leste. In November 2013 they reach Dili Brothers Nazaire Bakouan and Albano Schroeder, destined to the new foundation in Timor-Leste. After some explorations, Bishop Basilio Do Nascimento, the Bishop of Baucau, welcomes us in his diocese and assigns the Brothers to the locality of Bucoli.

At Present

The communities of the Philippines, Indonesia and Timor Leste will form a Vice Province as of 1 November 2022. Vocation animation, formation of candidates, and service to evangelisation are priorities of the Congregation in these countries. The Lasang College offers the service of Christian education to about 500 young people in the area. There is also a strong commitment to the local Church through children’s catechesis and liturgical animation in nearby parishes. From 2020 onwards, mission communities have been opened; at the moment there are already 4 in Indonesia

Council of the Vice-Province 2022 – 2025

Vice Provincial: Brother Néstor Achigar
1st Councillor: Br. Aurelio Arreba
2nd Councillor: Br. Andrés Galindo
3rd Councillor: Br. Matias Ledang
4th Councillor: Br. John Bosco Sebastin



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3. Nita (2011):Formation house. Pastoral activities
4. Kupang (2014):Formation house. Pastoral activities.
5. Nanga Tayap (2020): Pastoral activities in parishes and education.
6. Ndona (2020): Pastoral activities in parishes and education.
7. Baluai Berkuak (2021):Pastoral activities in parishes and education.
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East Timor

9. Bucoli (2013): Formation house. Pastoral activities.