General Government

The general government of the Institute comprises the General Council, that is to say, the Superior General and the General Councillors and besides other organizations which, under its direct or indirect orders, are in charge of the General Officials of the  Congregation; the General Secretariat, the General Administration, the Procurement to the Holy See and the General Postulation” (C 218).


He was elected as Superior General in the XXXVII General Chapter Von 3nd August, 2019, held at Valladolid (Spain).

  • He is the successor of the Founder, main heir of his spirit and charism.
  • He represents the Institute in front of the ecclesiastical and civil authorities and ensures its fidelity to the Church
  • As animator of the religious life, he is primarily responsible of the fidelity to the Rule
  • He exercises, helped by his Council, the executive authority over the whole Institute
  • He is invested with personal, direct and immediate authority over all the Brothers, Communities and Provinces.

General Council:

The Superior General is assisted by four Councillors, the first of whom is the Vicar General.

From left to right:

Bro. Pierre Kafando (2nd Councillor)
Bro. David Rasero (General Vicar)
Bro. Francisco Javier Hernando (General Superior)
Bro. Enzo Biemmi (3rd Councillor)
Bro. Néstor Achigar (4th Councillor).