We are the fruit and seed of dreams

“We are the fruit and seed of dreams”, Brother Gabriel’s dream, supported by the dream of the Family of Nazareth, which invites us to take care of ourselves and to take care of ourselves, to dream and to do so that our dream becomes a reality. Reality also with others and not a closed reality, it is a dream that opens paths and invites us to open doors for others in the present and towards the future, without losing the roots that sustain us.
This proposal visually invites us to be part of the circular, which is always movement, continuity, the points that are equidistant from the centre and represent balance and equality. This figure symbolically expresses the meaning of human life and the universe. The circle is the primordial symbol that contains everything.
In this circular expression of the Family of Nazareth, embracing Gabriel, it is a symbol of continuity and movement. The colours are striking, energetic and expressive; they invite and motivate us to reflect and act in order to follow this path of recognising ourselves as fruit in order to move forward and plant new seeds.
The use of Brother Tato’s style of images also brings us closer to images that unite us as a community and as a Sa-Fa Family, on the path of searching for elements that respond to one of the objectives we set ourselves in spreading “Sa-Fa Schools for the world”.