Spanish teachers in Belley

The nerves of being the first after the pandemic. The honour of opening the new mother house. The privilege of stepping in the “footsteps” of Gabriel Taborin. The immense good fortune of being able to do it with Brother Juan José del Cura… all together.
Last May, from the 8th to the 12th, the traditional meeting of teachers took place at Belley, with members from six of the seven schools in Spain (Finisterre, Burgos, Gavà, Horta, Palma and Madrid). The visit to Belley and all the home areas of the Institute of the Holy Family was an unforgettable and enriching experience. It has allowed us to get to know some of the most important places of the Congregation in the company of great people who have left, each one of them, an indelible mark along the way: experience, knowledge, example, laughter (and a little bit of madness), kindness, service?
We must do justice and recognise that, thanks to the conviviality proposed by Brother Jota and “Minu”, we have enjoyed the trip even more. The more institutional and spiritual part of the trip has also had, thanks to them, an enormous load of personal enrichment. And what can we say about the Alpine landscapes (greenery, waterfalls, lakes…), and those days when the van climbed and climbed on roads that allowed us to take our charisma where it should always be, in the sky.
On the way back, the suitcases were a little heavier. Not only because of the stellina, for the record, but also because they were full of simplicity and humility.