Perpetual profession in India

In the framework of meetings of the Extended Council of the Delegation of India, the Perpetual Profession of Brothers Shishir Pawan Kerketta, Alok Kujur and Ananth Raj took place on 29 April in the Madurai Community.

“Called to be ‘men of God’”. With these words, which the Brothers chose as the motto of the celebration, after almost a month of preparation, Brothers Shishir P. Kerketta and Alok Kujur (from Jharkhand) and Ananth Raj (from Tamil Nadu) said their final yes to the Lord as Brothers of the Holy Family.

A large number of Brothers were able to be present as the Extended Delegation Council meetings were being held during these days. The families of the 3 Brothers were present at the ceremony. Priests, religious men and women were also present. There was representation from almost all the communities of India. The Madurai community, along with the Brothers who were in the house, really got down to work and together we tried to solemnise the event of the Perpetual Profession as much as possible, with a lot of decoration and music.

The Eucharistic celebration was presided over by the Archbishop of Madurai, Mgr. Antony Pappusamy, and concelebrated by about twenty priests. The Brothers entered in procession accompanied by their respective parents. The Brother Delegate received perpetual vows on behalf of the Provincial and the whole Institute. At the end of the ceremony, thanksgiving from the Brothers, messages from the Provincial and General, congratulations from the Bishop, homage from the families to the newly perpetually professed and to the Bishop, the Delegate and the Superior of the Madurai Community, as well as the typical Brother and family photos. The event concluded with a fraternal and family meal with the tasty “mutton biryani” (Indian paella) from Tamil Nadu and the “fruit-salad” for dessert.