On Saturday 20th August 2022, the meeting of the first years of secondary school of the Holy Family Schools of Uruguay was held, which we call “Inter-SaFa”. This meeting seeks to promote integration between the different schools of our Sa-Fa Family through playful proposals, experiences in different workshops, sports, prayer, and Eucharistic celebration.
This year the hosts were the students and teachers of Colegio San Juan Bautista. We received 220 students from the departments of Salto, Lavalleja, San José, Canelones and Montevideo.
The theme of the proposal was centred on the annual motto of the Province of Our Lady of Hope of which we are a part, “Let us care together for life in our common home” which expresses the call for all of us who are part of the Sa-Fa Family to care and to take care of ourselves.
Different workshops focused on caring for oneself, for others and for the environment were proposed, so that the students could choose according to their interests: –
– Vegetable garden: Approach to the basic knowledge of sowing and care in the vegetable garden to discover the mystery of nature and to collaborate actively in the actions of caring for the environment and its sustainability.
– Recycling: We will learn to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in a practical way to discover and value knowledge about the use and exploitation of different materials.
– Toy factory: With wood we will build toys to take to the “Child and Family Care Centres” where the Youth Groups carry out their services.
– Solidarity cooking: Together we will bake biscuits to share with those who need them most in the places where the Youth Groups carry out their weekly services.
– Natives: We will take part in a talk where we will go on an imaginary journey to learn about the native flora and fauna of our country and how to conserve it.
– Healthy Coast: We will go to Pocitos beach to clean our common space of plastic waste.
– Destacarte: Through an artistic intervention in the neighbourhood, we will brighten up the area around the school in order to generate an impact and share the call to take care of each other.
– Namaste: We invite you to give yourself a moment of relaxation and meditation thinking about our self-care. Connecting mind, soul and body as a path to self-knowledge. .
We share with you some photos and a video that summarises the emotion of the experience.