XII Meeting of Fraternities of Ecuador

On April 6, 2024, in the city of Ambato, was the XII NATIONAL MEETING OF NAZARENE FRATERNITIES OF ECUADOR. With the presence of 60 fraternal brothers from Lago Agrio, Guaranda, Quito, Ambato and Puyo, we reflected on the document “Laity under the same roof of Nazareth”, quoting the words of Brother Gabriel Taborin; an invitation to live the Gospel in our daily, personal and family life, with the simplicity, faith and human richness that identified the family of Nazareth.

Each fraternity presented its contribution to the study and analysis of the themes of “Laity under the same roof of Nazareth”. Creativity, simplicity, joy and approach to reality motivated us through videos, slides, dramatisations and prayers. There was time for reflection, the presentation of gifts and souvenirs by fraternity, a cultural programme, sharing of food, communication… During the meeting, several members renewed their commitments and 3 of them made their definitive commitments.