Perpetual vows. Province of St. Joseph the Worker

At 5 p.m. on 12 August, in the chapel of the Community of Kupang (Indonesia), we celebrated the final vows of Brothers Valentinus Naif, Robertus Galgani and Damianus Asa during the Eucharist. The Vicar of the Archbishopric, Fr. Gerardus DUKA, presided (The Archbishop was unable to preside at the celebration because he had to attend the funeral of a deceased bishop in Surabaya). He was accompanied by several priests who usually accompany the community. Nestor Achigar, Vice-Provincial, received the vows.

Present at the ceremony were the relatives of the Brothers celebrating perpetual vows, relatives of other Brothers in the area, neighbours, friends of the Brothers, the whole community of Kupang and several Brothers from different communities in Indonesia.

At the end of the mass the Vicar thanked the community for being present and encouraged the Brothers to be faithful and dedicated to the mission of the Institute. The photo session and speeches followed. The Vice-Provincial took the floor and repeated the message of the Superior General for this event. Robertus Galgani, on behalf of his confreres, gave a reflection. The celebration culminated with a shared meal and a moment of celebration.

We are grateful for the commitment of the community in organising the celebration: the liturgy, the choir, the decoration and other aspects of the organisation of the feast. Edgardo Campos’ recent painting on the front of the chapel gave a special note and distinction to the whole event, which was admired by those present.