First religious professions in Eluru

On April 13th, a momentous event unfolded at our Formation House in Eluru as we celebrated the First Religious Profession of three Brothers of the Holy Family: Brothers Sudeep Beck, Sandeep Horo, and Mangeya Topno, hailing from the state of Jharkhand. This joyous occasion supposed to be celebrated by the Bishop of Eluru, but due to prior commitments, delegated a priest to preside over the ceremony.

Amidst a gathering filled with solemnity and reverence, the Celebration was led by the esteemed Rev. Fr. Chinnu Polisetty OFMcap. He earnestly inquired about the intentions and readiness of the newly professed to embrace the commitments of religious life. Encouraging them to walk the path with authenticity and generosity, he urged them to emulate the virtues of the Holy Family.

The pinnacle of the ceremony unfolded during the Eucharist, where the rite of religious profession took place. Donning the traditional habit of the Institute, the Novices solemnly read and signed the formula of religious profession in the presence of Brother Sagar Sandeep, the Animator of the Eluru Community. As a symbol of their commitment, they were bestowed with the traditional cross and the Constitutions by Brother Sagar. Though our Major Superiors were absent physically, we felt the spiritual presence through their thought-provoking message.

The atmosphere was filled with jubilation as Brothers from various communities, alongside those in formation, priests, religious men and women, as well as enthusiastic relatives, friends, and aspirants, actively participated in the festivities. It was a testament to the vibrant spirit and unity within our Community.