First professions in Indonesia

With the motto “Bangkitlah Menjadi Terang” (Is 60,1) (Arise and be Light) the first profession of nineteen novices, fifteen Indonesians, three Timorese and one Filipino, was celebrated on the evening of 8 July in our chapel in Nita. A group of boys and girls from the SDK Todang elementary school and another from the parish station of Nilo danced in the entrance procession. Behind them walked the novices to be professed, accompanied by their parents; Bro. Nestor, Vice-Provincial of St. Joseph the Worker; Bro. Brother Nestor received the vows. The choir was made up of young people from the Catholic Youth apostolic movement in the town of Nilo. After the religious ceremony, the usual speeches were made by the Vicar General, Brother Nestor, the local Superior, a representative of the families and one of the newly professed Brothers. Then, while the meal was shared as a family, a programme of music and dance performances by our formandi and several groups of catechetical children took place on the outdoor stage. The feast ended with a series of dances as is customary in this culture.