New award for the School of Finisterre – Spain

Nuestra Señora del Carmen School in Finisterre (Spain), which is part of the Sa-Fa Family, has been awarded the prize in the 13th edition of the competition “A pastoral care and educational innovation practices” organised by Escolas Católicas de Galicia. We explain the content of the project.

“Human beings, no matter how fast they go, have a longing for contemplation, for stopping and going deeper into what they live and what surrounds them” (EECC Global Education Pact Team).

The magic of contemplation is a project that arises from our motto for this year (Contemplate!), with the intention of establishing a plan that allows our students to stop and reflect from calm and tranquillity, from interiority, on our role in the community around us, without forgetting the repercussions that every small gesture has in this increasingly globalised world of ours.

In order to face this challenge, we believe that magic and all that surrounds it will be the main driving force that will allow us to move from looking to action and to make our Educational Community aware of the need for a change that calls us all to play an active and responsible role from the place that each one of us occupies.

Magic will facilitate the transition from a “Kronos” time (which envelops us in the maelstrom of everyday life) to a “Kairos” time (a time of magic that offers us moments of awakening in which astonishment, change of experience and of oneself emerge).

We trust that the magic of contemplation will help us to stop and be able to develop our capacity for contemplation in all its dimensions: care for nature, care for the person in its cultural, social and personal dimension (exterior and interior).
Congratulations to the whole educational community for this new project that favours the education of our students!