Bro. Gabriel’s party in Tijuana. Mexico

The month of November is the most important month for Colegio Familia de Tijuana, because our Founder, Brother Gabriel Taborin, was born and died in that month. There were many activities at all levels of the College. The Preparatory section, to celebrate the month, held a tribute with a small but meaningful play for our little ones in primary school.

To celebrate 200 years of Brother Gabriel’s inspirational journey to his educational mission, in our Presentation we combined storytelling and drama, called “The Life of Venerable Brother Gabriel Taborin”. We tell the story of a French boy, born in a small village called Belleydoux, who was very eager to follow religious life and to help the community.

Because at that time in France there was political unrest and the religious orders were going through a very bad situation and little Gabriel managed through the years and with the help of God, to fulfil his mission.
In each scene we go back to each of the stages that Brother Gabriel went through, from the time he was a little shepherd in his village, until he visited Pope Gregory XVI for the approval of his institute. And so it was, thanks to his persistence and love, that today we are 18 countries around the world and 57 schools educating our children and adolescents in a Christian way, through the values inspired by the Holy Family.

At the end of the play, we closed with a flourish, one of our students accompanied us on the piano and we invited a group of primary school children to sing the hymn of Venerable Brother Gabriel Taborin.