Family Day- Lasang – Philippines

Hundreds of people gathered in Gabriel Taborin gymnasium last January 28, 2024 as we celebrated its annual Family Day with the theme: “Embracing Diversity, Strengthening Family”.

The celebration started with a Holy Mass celebrated by Fr. Rev. Fr. Antony OFM, Then followed by an opening message from the School President, Donnabel T. Libadisos, Ed.D.. She welcomed the Vice Provincial of the St. Joseph the Worker Province, Bro. Nestor and the Vicar General Bro. David Rasero of the Brothers of the Holy Family. She also introduced the administration, faculty and staff, and officially welcome the students, parents and guardian. She then emphasized the importance of this special occasion and why Taborin community value this one-day celebration.

The event typically involves various activities such as Jazz Chant and interpretative dance featuring Sinulog Festival wherein students were able to showcase their talents and skills. The SBO organization also initiated a raffle draw. Eyes widened, and smiles spread across faces as each raffle ticket held the promise of a potential win. Each family eagerly awaited the announcement of the lucky numbers, hoping to be the fortunate winners.

A heartwarming scene, highlighting the joy and connection that emanate when students and their family members come together for a shared meal during lunch time. In the afternoon, the faculty and staff surprised the crowd with a dance number. Loud screams and energetic cheers were heard in the whole gymnasium as the teachers, parents and students gave their energetic moves during the Zumba session.

As moment of recognition celebrating dedication, hard work and triumph, the Gabriel Taborin athletes were also awarded on the day as they brought honor for the school during the recently concluded DACS Secondary School Competition.

In the last part of the program, all parents of the graduating class of Batch 2024 had their meeting at school’s Function Hall wherein parents/guardians were informed in the requirements and possible fees for the graduation. The parents were able to raised their concerns on those matters. On the other hand, a friendship basketball game between the alumni/Gabriel Taborin personnel and the parents/guardian was held in the gymnasium.

Indeed, the Family Day provided an opportunity for families to spend quality time together, fostering a sense of unity and support. May the Holy family; Jesus, Mary and Joseph be the model of virtue and love of all families.