Meeting of Sa-Fa educators of Uruguay

TWith the person of St. Joseph at the centre, the Charism Animation Team of the Founder brought together the educators of the Sa-Fa Family of Uruguay on June 10th. It was a warm day full of encounters. The reflection began by alluding to the figure of St. Joseph as a man of faith, caring and silent. The song Arde accompanied this moment and Brother Fernando Perera guided the work. The feelings that emerged from the personal reflection were placed around the figure of St. Joseph. Afterwards, the text “Learning the wisdom of taking care of “oneself”, by Emma Martínez Ocaña, was presented. We worked in groups and on a personal basis; it was an enriching space with subsequent contributions. We evoked Brother Gabriel and his way of relating to those around him during his life. With the help of his own words (taken from the New Guide), each one chose one of those cards and talked, reflected and shared with others those words, which today resonate as if they had just been said. At the end of the day we listened to the song “Take care of me”, and so we melted in a big hug full of affection and love. “Thank you”, “a good time to repeat in our communities”, “it was worth using a Saturday”, words that were heard in the farewell.