Container for Burkina

Today, 15 June, after a year since the last shipment, we managed to load a 40-foot container of humanitarian aid. Two solar incubators, material for the construction of solar refrigerators, in continuation of the project that Sermig is carrying out with the Brothers of the Holy Family at the Saaba workshop, have found a place. In addition, a lot of technological equipment (also the result of the availability and collaboration with SERMIG) and educational equipment for the students of several schools.

And then food, sanitary material and miscellaneous for a total of 12,129 kg. Unfortunately, much material did not find a place as this container was filled using all the available volume. The ship will leave Genoa on 21 June for Abidjan and then Ouagadougou.

Thanks to Camsafa’s tireless volunteers for their valuable work with their usual enthusiasm. Have a good trip to Burkina!

12,129 kg of solidarity