Professional Training Centre. Valladolid.

The official inauguration of the Sagrada Familia Integrated Vocational Training Centre took place in Valladolid on 21 June. The event was attended by education authorities from the region and the city. Those who spoke praised the excellent and innovative proposal offered by the Centre, focused on Industry 4.0. There will be four higher degrees (industrial mechatronics, automation and robotics, web application development and multiplatform application development) and two medium degrees (microcomputer systems and networks and electromechanical maintenance technician). In addition to courses for the unemployed. David Rasero, Vicar General, who thanked the Province for its efforts in this new project and recalled the centrality of the person in the educational system. He recalled the importance of the Centre being governed by the “Criteria of identity for the vitality of the educational centres of the Sa-Fa Family” indicated in the document “Sa-Fa Schools for the world”. The ceremony ended with the blessing of the people and facilities by Archbishop Luis Argüello, Archbishop of Valladolid.