Family camp. Puyo-Ecuador

The Vincentian Camp 2023-2024 “Behold” is not only an event, but an exciting journey towards the unity and transformation of diverse families that converge into one: “The Vincentian Family”. In this oasis of nature and harmony, we are immersed in the magic of golden sunrises, in the melodious chirping of birds dancing in the trees, and in the fresh and pure aroma of nature that envelops us. Each gentle breeze that caresses our cheeks reminds us that we are connected to the environment and to each other. Here, we indulge in a symphony of experiences ranging from exciting games to lively dances and challenging contests, strengthening the family bonds and camaraderie that define us. Each morning, we join together in an act of faith and gratitude, sharing our hopes and dreams, as we work together with love to uplift not only each individual, but the family as a whole. We are deeply grateful to be part of this unique community, and we look forward to our next reunion, knowing that we are protected by the eternal love and guidance of the Holy Family of Nazareth. We are Sa-Fa Family! See you soon, Vincentian Family!