The Sa-Fa Youth Pastoral Assembly. Argentina

On the 24th and 25th of February, the Sa-Fa Youth Pastoral Assembly of Argentina was held in the sports field “La Morenita”, Buenos Aires.

In the last three years, new formats have been created, others have been sustained, and the pastoral life of our presences continues to grow. That is why we thought it was important to meet. We worked on: criteria and objectives of the macro events, a road map for the teams for 2024 has been created and we suggested the structure of a Youth Pastoral Team, its functions and possible members.

The participants of the assembly were: Secondary Pastoral Coordinators; Youth Pastoral Coordinators; 2 Youth Pastoral delegates per work; Apostolic Secretary; Brothers of the Holy Family and the ASF Board of Directors.

As a personal experience I have to tell you… that smiles naturally arose that enlighten the soul, which reflects something of the transparency of God, of the great peace. After a lot of hard work, necessary to project ourselves and to continue to build bridges… young people thinking and betting for other young people. That is a wonderful thing to live!