Social activity of the Sa-Fa School of Buenos Aires

One of the identity criteria for the vitality of the Sa-Fa Schools is to be “A school open to the immediate environment and to the whole world”. For this reason, the social experiences offered to the pupils are commonplace. In short, it is to carry out the proposal of our Educational Project: “to bet on the “prophecy of life” with all its strength and fragility”.

For this reason, on June 1st, within the framework of the subject Christian Formation, the students of the 2nd year of Social Studies of the Colegio Sagrada Familia de Buenos Aires visited 4 old people’s homes in our neighbourhood. The aim of this visit was to spend a morning with grandparents who live in these homes. The students carried out some activities that they had prepared, games and dynamics adapted to the elderly. Through these dynamics, a close and relaxed encounter with the elderly was made possible. The faces of some of them clearly reflect the joy they felt at the presence of the young people. For their part, we could see that the students returned with a full heart because of this new experience for them.