Solidarity project in Sa-Fa Itapiranga (Brazil)

Solidarity project of the Holy Family School of Itapiranga (Brazil) with the aim of spreading the knowledge and practice of family gardens.

Sa-Fa Schools for the World

We build an Educational Community in every school. The educational task of our Sa-Fa Schools is a choral work in which everyone is valued and everyone is counted on.

Spanish teachers in Belley

The first after the pandemic. The first time in the new motherhouse. The privilege of walking in the “footsteps” of Gabriel Taborin. The good fortune of doing it with Brother Juan José del Cura… all together.

Erasmus at Sa-Fa Valladolid

SaFa Valladolid has started the experience of the presence of Erasmus students, the first ones being students from Poland. This is also a magnificent opportunity for our students.

Alpine House of Challand (Italy)

On Saturday 27 May 2023, the blessing of the premises of the Casa Alpina Sacra Famiglia took place in Challant Saint Anselme, Aosta.

Lasan Fraternity – Philippines

The Brothers, members of the Fraternity and students of Gabriel Taborin in Davao are carrying out a solidarity activity with about 350 children.

Colegio Familia de Tijuana – Mexico

Training sessions with the teachers of Colegio Familia de Tijuana. Connected to the network of Sa-Fa Schools for the world

Animasafa at Belley

A group of families, young people and brothers from Animasafa spent the long weekend in the places where Brother Gabriel lived

We are the fruit and seed of dreams

“We are the fruit and seed of dreams”, Brother Gabriel’s dream, supported by the dream of the Family of Nazareth that invites us to take care of ourselves and others.

Ya está disponible el texto de la novena mensual

Los textos están tomados de la Circular nº 21 del V.H. Gabriel