Safamistad has been the festival of the Colegio Sagrada Familia in Madrid since 1979. It is a family celebration, with activities for all ages: from the youngest with their Pequesafa, to the grandparents. It is a time for friendship and family atmosphere.
Since 1979, only in the last two years has the festival not been held. It is the festival of collaboration, without a doubt. Its driving force is the Parents’ Association, but every year there are the Brothers, the teachers, Carumanda, the Scout group, the Sports Centre… and many volunteer friends. More than 200 volunteers put on dozens of different activities: sport, art, culture, games, solidarity, music, theatre, solidarity race, bikers’ group, charity tombola, various attractions… these are some of the ingredients that every year form part of a weekend in which above all there is a family atmosphere.
Naturally, the family Sunday Mass is not to be missed: at this time all activities are suspended.
It is the feast of the educational community, but it is also the feast of the neighbourhood: open doors for all the neighbours. The help of the City Council, the local police and many companies also make it possible.
Thanks to all of you who year after year make it possible!