The mission of vocation promotion has been kept alive through our prayers for vocations during our community prayers. Vocation promotion has been done in different ways. Though the current situations of corona virus does not allow to move around due to government protocols and restrictions, we kept going around for sometimes. We found a new methods of doing the vocation promotion.

Due to the inability to go out of our town, we have begun to move around the LITTLE CHRISTIAN COMMUNITIES those belonging to the Lasang parish. The parish priests has been very helpful in the accomplishment of our mission. We have been going to the areas to be visited together accompanied by the parish priests. After the celebration of the Holy Mass by the priest, we proceed with our vocation promotion. The people are very kind and welcoming. There are some small groups of youngsters who are in contact with us after our few visits with the parish Priest to do the vocation promotion.

On the other hand we have also kept active the vocation promotion through our Facebook page. There are some few youngsters who have liked our page as well as the news posted, and they have begun to express their willingness to discern their vocations. We have kept them together through a group chat and have been sharing with them some news, activities as well as pictures of the life of formation house. We had some online vocational discernment sessions with them.

The month of March marked the visit to the families of those in contact with us. We were able to visit some families of the candidates on weekends. The families were happy to welcome us and there is hope that they will allow and support their sons in their vocational discernment.

The parish priest of Lasang requested us to give recollection to the parishioners as well as members of some parish organisations. We accepted the request as our participation to the mission of the local Church as well as an opportunity to continue our mission of vocation promotion and Catechism. We started it on March and it will continue until the Holy Week. We follow the schedule of recollection prepared and proposed by the Parish. In terms of organisation, we initially start with the recollection, then the Holy Mass and we conclude with the renewal of commitments of different organisation members such as Altar Servers, Lay Eucharistic Ministers, Readers, commentators, Choir…