On Saturday, February 16, the VII National Meeting of Nazarene Fraternities was held in Ambato. 65 people were present with the Chapter motto: The Sa-Fa family called to live and share the joy of the Gospel.

The Fraternity of Puyo is the one that on this occasion prepared the meeting, and the community of Ambato, as in previous meetings, welcomed us.  The Fraternity of Bucaramanga was present, via skype, for a while telling their experience and the activities and celebrations they have carried out in Bucaramanga.

The main activity revolved around the worksheets of the Chapter.  Each Fraternity presented in a creative way the answers to the indicated questions: presentations with slides, representations, humour… they served to expose what each Fraternity worked on.  Another important moment was the presentation of each Fraternity: members, activities that they carry out, commitments made… The Eucharistic celebration prepared together marked the culminating point of the day.  Each Fraternity offered a symbol of the commitments assumed for the present course.