A few years ago, the Holy Family Association (ASF), on the occasion of the approaching celebration of the 100th anniversary of the presence of the Brothers of the Holy Family in Argentina, began to give shape to an educational solidarity project, with the intention of carrying out an educational work at the service of the most vulnerable areas, bringing the Sa-Fa charism closer to them. Santa Lucía, Tucumán, was chosen as the place to begin the project of founding a Popular Educational Work.
In 2012, as a result of the work and effort of all the Sa-Fa communities in the country, the first two classrooms of the Maria de la Esperanza School were inaugurated and it continues to grow and echo the desire for improvement and the need to redefine education.
Yesterday, Thursday 9th September 2021, the 4th year students took part in an “Encounter with Christ” to reflect on love of neighbour and fraternity. They shared valuable readings, reflections and exchanges, as well as fun games and the “Sa-Fa” lunch. We would like to thank each of the students who participated by giving the best of themselves and their families. Thanks to the teachers who accompanied them.