The Institute of the Brothers of the Holy Family has an important appointment on July 17 which will begin the 38th General Chapter at the Holy Family School of Valladolid (Spain).

The motto of this Chapter is “The Sa-Fa Family called to live and share the joy of the Gospel”.

This event will have two parts:

The first week will be attended by the Brother Delegates of the Provinces, the Brother Members by right and those invited by the General Administration, a total of 29 Brothers, together with the lay people who represent the different sectors of the Provinces, a total of 14 lay people. During this week the life and work of the Institute will be analysed and some Orientations for the Sa-Fa Family will be given.

In the following two weeks, the Brothers will make a Project of Life for the Institute, the Decisions and Orientations for the next six-year period will be fixed and the election of the Superior General and the General Council will be made.

This event affects the whole Sa-Fa Family, and for this reason three Worksheets have been sent with various texts and questions so that the answers can help in the reflection for the preparation of the Chapter documents. A special prayer has also been sent for the Chapter to support the preparation and work of the Chapter with the help of the Spirit, so that we do not do our own work but the work of God, as Brother Gabriel Taborin, our Venerable Founder, wanted.

It is scheduled to close around August 6.