On February 14, the Pastoral Commission of the Sa-Fa Family in Spain met in Sigüenza. During the meeting, the coordinators of Pastoral Care reviewed the progress of the ERE teams of the schools and of the groups of extracurricular pastoral care. There was also a time for reflection with the document Evangelizing Schools of Catholic Schools which gave rise to an evaluation of the different processes and actions of our schools as centers of evangelization, with the aim of continuing to improve and advance our pastoral objectives.
The following day, the preparation meeting for this summer’s camps took place with catechists from each of the schools. After a time of formation and the celebration of the Eucharist together, the slogans and themes of each of the camps were decided upon. Each team was able to program the activities to be developed in our summer activities with themes full of energy and enthusiasm, of the most varied kinds: Star Wars, Harry Potter, musicals…
It has been two days of intense pastoral activity of our Sa-Fa Family!