The Nazarene Fraternity of Burgos has carried out in November, month of the Founder, several meetings:

  • On 4-6 they celebrated a get-together with the Communities of Burgos in the Provincial House of Valladolid. There was a time for formation and prayer, but also time for living and sharing.
  • On 20 November, Br. Juan José del Cura conducted a formative talk on an important aspect for the Fraternities: the seven years in which Br. Gabriel lived his catholic spirituality as a lay person, one of the state in which the Christian can exercise his mission in the Church.
  • On 26 November, it was held the feast of Brother Gabriel Taborin, with a time of prayer, get-together, dinner… with the rest of youth community and the Community of Brothers of Burgos.

I recommend all the brothers… to love each other during their life and to estimulate each other to do good… to be patient in the sufferings of life and to know how to endure them with sacrifice following the example of our Divine Saviour.” (Br. Gabriel’s Spiritual Testament)