The Alpine House “Holy Family” in Challand Saint Anselme (AOSTA) is located about 1,000 meters above sea level. It was bought in 1966 from the Rivetti family and has witnessed in these 54 years an impressive number of courses, retreats, summer camps, youth camps, prayer groups, fraternity meetings, parish or diocesan groups, skiing groups, green weeks, white weeks…

The lower part of the house has now been restructured and 12 rooms with 2/3 beds have been fitted out; an apartment for the caretaker; a fully equipped multi-purpose room; two multi-purpose rooms; a kitchen and dining room for one hundred people; an elevator; a pellet heating system.  The villa and the rooms adjacent to the renovated part are still in use.

Prospects: we believe that the renovation offers guarantees of safety and attractiveness to all groups both in summer and in winter, especially to our students and families of the Collegio di Torino.

From September, the municipality of Challand will occupy part of the new primary school facilities.