On Sunday 11 May, 2014, the Fraternities of France and Italy gathered in the Abbey of Tamié for the annual Meeting.

“We have participated in the Holy Eucharist, concelebrated by 12 monks, and together with them Brothers and many people who filled the church. The rite was very solemn with the singing of the monks. I have thought in Brother Gabriel and the ceremonies that he celebrated giving room to his creativity, so that people came to Mass even from far away; for this, Br. Gabriel was warned and later banned (ceremonies should be reserved only for the members of the house).

Brother Pierino has gifted each Fraternity a lamp to be enkindled in front of the picture or a statue of our Founder to remind us of the 150th anniversary of the departure to heaven of Brother Gabriel. From the simplicity, this lamp will help us to lift up a filial look to our Founder, to illumine our meetings, to support our fraternal relationships, to solicit our heavenly Father a miracle of healing, to promote our sanctity and to obtain new vocations.

A monk of the Abbey from Piedmont have spoken us of their spirituality, which coincides much with ours.

Brother Robert Rufier has exposed the history of what Brother Gabriel’s dream was: Tamié should be a place of retreat for prayer, reflection, spiritual recovery for the Brothers, priests, lay people… This dream was realised on 1 May 1856 when he made the solemn entrance in the Abbey bought to the Archbishop Billiet.

Brother Giuseppe has added some contributions and after we all exposed the activities of the different Fraternities in the last year. The diversity is always stimulating, because we can offer different experiences that enrich everyone”.

                                                                                                    Brother Giuseppe Accomazzo