“We share the essence of Nazareth through love”.

From 22 to 29 January, the Summer mission took place in Santa Maria, this time, virtually. There were about 40 participants, divided into 6 Nazarene groups; the programme was adapted to this modality.

There were two meetings for the missionaries, one for the opening, and the other for the closing; there were two days of visiting families in Santa Maria by video call, two days of mission in each one’s home, and finally, a virtual meeting of the missionary group.

Every day, the missionaries were offered prayer material which was shared in the WhatsApp groups, and on 29 January, the Eucharist was celebrated, and presided over by Brother Fernando Perera.

Previously, a collection of food and school supplies was organized and the fruit of the so-called collection was sent to some feeding Centres and schools in Santa Maria.

We appreciate the work accomplished by the Organising Committee, as well as the joy and commitment of the missionaries who took part.