From 6 to 7 February, the face-to-face meeting of the  SA-FA  Convocation of Uruguay took place in El Campanero. Eight people from the different Schools participated in it, under the animation of Brothers Fernando Perera and Edgardo Bruzzoni. Two other people also participated in it via zoom. It was a time of reflection, prayer, fraternal life, and mutual knowledge. We deepened our understanding of the Sa-Fa Spirituality and the Nazarene Charism, starting from the experience of each one, since all the participants have a long experience in the animation and catechesis of our works.  From that moment on, the team that was appointed some time ago, was formed to go on working in vocational animation, united to the SA-FA Convocation of the whole Institute. May Brother Gabriel accompany this journey in the Revitalization of our Institute.