“He who does not live to serve, does not serve to live” (Mother Teresa of Calcutta)

Volunteers from the Holy Family College of Ambato experienced unforgettable moments in different communities during Major Week, Holy Week. During this school year, the place chosen was the rural parish of Ambato Canton; San Fernando de Pasa Parish. The commission was made up of 10 people, among students, teachers of the school and brothers, who were separated into 3 groups (San Fernando, Tiliví and Calamaca Grande) were the places that we accompanied in all the celebrations.

Three destinations, four days, hundreds of people with needs not only economic, but also spiritual, three places practically forgotten, three places where life is very difficult to take, three places where people live happy with their reality when sometimes they do not even have a piece of bread on the table, where the precarious situation leads people with a little more to move to more central areas in order to achieve a little economic independence, which serves them to have a decent home and benefits that for the moment do not enjoy.

emphasized the following: “Washing of feet” during Holy Thursday; “Way of the Cross”, “Reading and reflection of the seven words” and “Descent of the Lord” on Good Friday; “Easter Vigil” on the Saturday of Glory; and finally the Easter celebration on Sunday. But not only do we carry out activities within the Church, the work of the missionaries also focuses on accompanying and visiting families who need a word of help and to listen to the Word of God. We had to adapt ourselves to their living conditions, which are not dignified at all, and there we could understand that our comfort zone is not all that exists in reality, that out there there are people who also need a God of love. Finally, I invite you to be a Church of departure, as Pope Francis says, because it is not enough just to pray, one must act.