Every year, on the occasion of Christmas, many solidarity campaigns take place in the Sa-Fa Family. Today, we have a look in the jackpot, the “Taborinian Back bag” from the School in Ambato. The Brothers, the Fraternity and the Parents’ Committee have mobilized and collected 2,334 Kg of foodstuffs and other basic products.

Everything that was collected was distributed to the Association of Children of Mocha, to the Residence for the Elderly of the Little Sisters of the abandoned Elderly of Penipe, to the Residence for disabled and/or abandoned Children of the Franciscan Sisters of Charity of Penipe, and to the Parish of the Holy Spirit and Totoras and among disadvantaged families in Ambato, including some families from the School itself. Any help in this time of increasing inequality and poverty, is very welcome. We thank a lot the families of the Centre and the organizers of these campaigns.