On 12-13 November, the Nazarene Fraternities of Argentina gathered in Villa Sagrada Familia (Cordoba) to live their Annual Retreat.

They attended 47 members from the Fraternities of Bell Ville, Cordoba, Tandil and Santa Maria, the Uruguayan Brothers German Camarero and Alejandro Salvatierra and Brother Provincial.

The Retreat was guided by Fr. Fernando Perera, member of the young Fraternity of San Jose (Uruguay), who gave some reflections on the topic: “The merciful face of Br. Gabriel.”

In the Mass of Saturday evening, it was celebrated the compromise for the first time of Marta Flores de Erbetta, the renewal for one year of Viviana Sala and the reaffirmation of the compromises forever of the rest of members. In a climate of fraternal joy, the Retreat concluded with the lunch.