From November 15 to 17, the first retreat of the groups of the Nazarene Fraternities of Brazil was held in a renovated space at the Taborin Center of Passo Fundo.

During these days, the retreat focused its topics of reflection on the documents of Pope Francis that invite to reach out and the implications they have following the approach of the Conference of Bishops of Brazil, especially on the laity. The laity as necessary protagonists in the Church and society of our times needs to overcome the still very strong clericalism. For this, a woman professor of pastoral theology and another priest were present. We counted as well with the contribution of the Brothers and lay members of the coordinating team of the Fraternities in the Province.

Since it was the first meeting of all the Fraternities, we had several moments of reciprocal integration and acquaintance; each group was challenged to take some food specialty from its community or region. This was also a shared richness.

The meeting culminated with a Eucharistic celebration by the guest priest and a farewell lunch. The evaluation indicates that the retreat was a very enriching experience, the place was a very welcoming; the new edition in 2020 is eagerly awaited hoping to count on the potential commitment of some members.