From January 3 to 14, the Brothers of the Province of Hope (Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil) met at Passo Fundo. The first three days were spent together, with study and discussion of some themes related to the mission of the Province in different areas of activity and with a view to updating the Provincial Directory.
With the animation of a Franciscan Friar Minor, the retreat, from the 6th to the 12th, indicated paths of reflection on vocation, spirituality, mission, fraternal life and synodality, having as a background the magisterium of Pope Francis. As adviser on Canon Law in the religious life of Brazil, the friar also touched on the importance of care and attention regarding the various and possible forms of abuse that can manifest themselves in our milieux and contexts, not condoning them and never covering them up, should they exist.
The fraternal climate was reinforced by the external context which allowed contact with the abundant environmental surroundings. The provincial animator also presented the configuration of the new communities and the mission entrusted to them for the present year, 2023.