In 2018, the Brothers of Marau launched a challenge to some alumni of the Gabriel Taborin School, graduates in architecture and civil engineering. They came up with a beautiful project to modernise some ageing structures. This project is at an advanced stage of realisation, echoing what the whole Institute is promoting at this stage of renovation. The project was approved by the Province and the General Council.
The area of the building that previously housed the classrooms will become the new entrance and will house all the activities of the administrative areas of the school and the Faculty of Fabe, as well as the cafeteria and visitor services, a requirement also for the university course of Law at Fabe.
At the moment, as classes continue virtually, due to the recrudescence of the Covid-19 pandemic in almost all of Brazil, the work of the reform can advance more quickly on several fronts, without affecting too much the displacement of people, which would happen with face-to-face classes.
We expect the works to be completed by May. We also hope that this physical change will help to attract more students. But we know very well that more important for this is the constant improvement of the pastoral and educational services offered by the Sa-Fa Family in the shared mission of Brothers and lay people.