On Wednesday 16 February, the ceremony for the laying of the foundation stone of the building being constructed to house the Sagrada Familia Vocational Training Centre in Valladolid (Spain) was held.
The ceremony was presided over by Brother Francisco Javier Hernando, Superior General, and the Mayor of Valladolid, Óscar Puente. Numerous authorities and personalities from the world of business, education and Catholic Schools attended.
This building is intended to house several of the activities involved in vocational training: training for initial employment (intermediate and higher degrees), continuous training for the company, for the unemployed, professional accreditations… and all within the highly employable area of knowledge of Industry 4.0. Specifically, the professional families that will be taught are: IT and communications, installation and maintenance, and electricity and electronics.
“The commitment to this new Vocational Training Centre is a project for the future that aims to give continuity to the educational history of our Congregation with the same passion that we have been educating for over a hundred years in Spain and for nearly 70 years in Valladolid” (Br. Superior General).
“The commitment of the Sagrada Familia Vocational Training Centre to training in Industry 4.0 is a response to present and future needs, due to the large number of jobs generated by digitalisation and the ecological transition, the two great transforming elements of the economic model”. (Álvaro Solloa, Project Director)