“This year, for the first time, the Ecuador Project, of our NGO Carumanda, became Project Colombia. Five people (Laura, Celia, Cris, Álvaro and Lluís) collaborated for 45 days with the “Niños de Papel” Foundation (children, many of them street children, with drug addiction problems), “Picolli Saggi” (one of the fundamental projects for Carumanda in recent years) and the “Hogares Teresa Toda” (shelters for girls with violated rights).

In all of these places, there was a multiplication of coexistence, training, games, dynamics… As much as we could and a little bit more.

In the same way, we collaborated with the work of the Brothers in Colombia: gatherings, meetings of youth groups, vocation promotion… We thank the Community of Bucaramanga for its welcome and for making us feel at home.

We hope there is something left of us in the beautiful lands of Colombia… because we can say that we have learned so much that we know that our lives will be different from now on.  Lluís Sierra