Once again, this year in mid-April our Delegation in India is in festive mood. The occasion is the celebration of the First Religious Profession of Brothers Jeral John Marngar, John Vienny Pariong, Amit Ekka and Anuj Samad. The first two are from the state of Meghalaya, in northeast India, and the last two from the state of Jharkhand, in north central India.
The event took place, as has been the tradition, at the Eluru Novitiate House on 17 April 2021 at 10.30am. The Religious Profession ceremony took place in the framework of the Eucharist and was presided over by the Bishop of Eluru, Mgr. Jaya Rao. The new Brothers, after dressing the traditional habit of the Institute, one by one read and signed the formula of religious profession. They then signed it on the altar in front of the whole assembly and handed it to Brother Javier Ángel García, master of novices, who was delegated by the Animator General to receive the newly professed. After the traditional embrace, which expresses the welcome into the Institute, this same Brother gave them the crucifix and the Constitutions of the Institute.
The atmosphere was festive throughout. The celebration took place in the auditorium of the house which was decorated with care and dedication. We were accompanied by the Novices who have just started this stage, the Aspirants of the house, some Brothers coming from other communities in India as well as religious from other nearby congregations, novices, friends of the professed and acquaintances. The families, in the end, were unable to attend due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic.
After dinner we ended the day with a festive evening where through dance and songs we expressed the joy of having four more Brothers in our religious family.